Alaskaland Pioneer
Air Museum

Interior and Arctic Alaska
Aeronautical Foundation
P.O. Box 70437
Fairbanks, AK - USA 99707

"Visions of the future tempered by the realities of today, and seasoned with memories of the past."

Alaska's air history is rich and exciting. The Great Land's frontiers were being explored just as the early pilots and explorers were testing the frontiers of flight. It was an inspiring time.

Housed in the beautiful gold dome, designed by Buckminster Fuller, the museum's rare & unique collection of over 500 photographs chronicle early flight and the brave men and women who ventured into the unknown.

Displayed are memorabilia, and the personel records of pilots famous for daring adventure. Also shown are 14 actual aircraft and one of the largest piston engine displays ever assembled. A remarkable display of air history.

Owned and operated by the Interior and Arctic Alaska Aeronautical Foundation (IAAAF). This organization is dedicated to preserving the aviation history of Alaska and educating the public to the past, present and future of aviation in the last frontier.

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FARTHEST NORTH Air Museum in the USA

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