Susan Grace
Concerts and Programs


Susan provides a wide variety of presentations. All of her programs include
audience participation, and are educational, inspirational, as well as entertaining.




An Evening with Susan Grace

With a fine mix of songs and stories Susanís strong background in traditional music comes through in her homemade songs. ..Her songs have a familiar, easy sing along style, spiced with a little hope and humor. This program has the relaxed feeling of singing around a campfire.

People come into the room not knowing one another and leave as friends.
There is such power and unity in singing together,
if we could all just do it more often!


Environmental Program.......................................................................
A collection of songs and stories for the Earth are shared from Susanís 25 years of living in Alaska. She has been actively speaking out for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for many years traveling from coast to coast with the message to protect all those wild places we love. In her non preachy way Susan simply shares her love for the wild places and all those who call it home.

We all have our own favorite wild spaces and places to protect. For Susan that includes the precious, endangered, wonder and curiosity for nature in children (of all ages!). She has done many fundraisers for non profit groups protecting their corner of America.

Kongakut River, in the
Arctic National
Wildlife Refuge

Letís raise our voices together, in unity we can lift our spirits,
inspire action, and make this world a better place!


Susan has been working for many years as an environmental educator (creating Camp Habitat now in its 19th year, as well as Our Village Preschoolóa nature based preschool), a natural history interpreter at Creamerís Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge and at the Murie Center in Denali National Park.