"Classroom Program's and Workshops"

Songwriting Workshops                              K-12

In this fun workshop, stories become songs under Susan’s gentle guidance.
This provides a great opportunity for teachers to observe what their class is learning.

“Susan Grace, thank you for coming out and teach us songs.
We had alote of fun expechely when we rote are 84 below song. And when you let us play instermints!”
-Jonah Cloud, age 9 Hughs School
Koyukuk School District, Alaska
Stories and Songs of Alaska K-12
This is a great experience for students to learn about the “real” Alaska. Susan shares her adventures in Alaska through stories and songs. (some of the songs are written by students of her songwriting workshops in Alaska)
* Power point on Alaskan animals and their habitat is available upon request.
*. For older youth Susan is open to discuss some of the important issues Alaska is facing, or the scientific studies being done in Denali Park on wildlife.


Hands on Music               K-6
With guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, bass, folk harp and percussion instruments from around the world Susan gives children a hands-on experience for them to play these instruments. Children have a chance to “hear” and “feel” music close up!
Available only in Alaska

Folk Dancing                        K-12

For years Susan has taught clogging and country (contra) dance workshops for children, adults, and families.

K -3rd grade
She enjoys teaching young children dance and movement. Children have so much fun they don’t want to stop dancing and playing!

4th - 6th grade
Susan teaches the basics of contra dancing and getting over the
awkwardness of holding hands!