Vehicles, Canoes and Prices
Our prices include unlimited mileage. No hidden costs, no gimmicks.

Free Tire and Windshield Repair/ Replacement
(10% sales tax and 12% car tax not included)
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2005 Rates

Cars: 10

          Ford Contour                  Toyota Corolla
          Geo Prism                       Honda Civic Wagon
          Chevy Cavalier               
          Ford Escorts
          Mercury Tracer


Mini-Vans: 6   (seats can be removed)
          Dodge Caravans 

          Plymouth Voyager

          Chevy Astro


Big Vans: 12     (seats can be removed)
          11 passenger Fords
          8 - 11 passenger Dodges


Suburban (4wd): 7
          9 passenger Vans


Pick-ups (4wd): 3  (with or without canopy)


*  We give a 10%+ discount for all rentals 7 days or longer  *

 Deposit and Cancellation policy:

        We do not require deposits or credit card numbers to make a reservation.  However, if you
        need to cancel a reservation we would appreciate it if you would call, fax or e-mail us so we
        may have the vehicle available for another customer.  There are no cancellation penalties.

        Prices subject to change.  However, we will record the price you were given when your reservation
        was made and will honor it upon your arrival.