Sitka Black-tail
Deer Hunts on
Kodiak Island, Alaska

30 years experience on Kodiak Island

Alaska's Kodiak Island is the ideal location for Sitka black-tail deer hunting. Kodiak is known as the deer hunting capital of Alaska, and Harry Dodge has been guiding on Kodiak Island since 1975. As a master guide-outfitter, he offers fair chase, top quality hunts with all the knowledge that results from his training as a biologist and over 30 years experience on Kodiak Island.

Deer Hunting
October 1- December 30
Deer hunts last 6 days and cost $2,800
2x1 hunt for $1,800/hunter
(Each hunter allowed two deer)


Phone: (907) 487-2122

Mailing address:
Harry Dodge/Dodge Outfitters
11754 S Russian Crk Rd
Kodiak, AK 99615