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We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This

Everything you wanted to know about Soldotna, Alaska        March 2012 

Only In Alaska

   This bear is a classic example of how they came up with the term "Ursus Horribilis" to describe Alaska Brown Bears. 
   The accompanying blurb didn't say, but I suspect he was from Kodiak Island since he was reputed to be about 1600 pounds.  They measure the skull, the length and girth.  This guy was 14 feet long which means that standing up, your eyes would be on the same level as his belly button.  He was shot by a game warden with 7 shots of a 7 mm magnum rifle.  The blurb said that this bear is the largest one ever  taken in the entire world.  #

This is a picture of Lou Oliva and his faithful Labrador Retriever "Toby."  He admits that, like a lot of us Lab-Lovers, he is joined at the hip.  Toby was even following him into the shower so he fashioned a running board on his backhoe so they could be together while he installed pipelines.  The word is still out whether Toby ever gets any sleep.

Diamond Willow Lovers, Arise!

   During the construction of our house we were lucky enough to find a guy who made regular trips to the Yukon to scavenge the popular and decorative locally grown Diamond Willow.  Occasionally you can find one with a virus that alters the shape and appearance like our bannister pictured below.  A lucky find. Very decorative, but not great for sliding.

January 15, 2012.  We Discussed Alzheimer's.
What Was Your Name, Again?
   Fang and I had the opportunity to be exposed to a television news story that was giving the world some advice on recognizing the symptoms of early-onset Alzheimer's.  You know, the affliction that allows you to make new friends every day.
   "You better watch it," she opined. "You can't remember where you left your glasses half the time."
   I wasn't going to be defensive.  I always managed to ultimately locate them, even after a half-hour, two trips to the cars and one trip to the workshop.  But I still have them.  Besides, I offered her, she's not so
swift about remembering appointments.  One doctor got so disturbed he

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    * We stole the name "Skibo" from Andrew Carnegie's castle in Scotland.            It is somewhat larger than ours.

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