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Kenai River Rainbow

Everything you wanted to know about Soldotna, Alaska   Aug-Sept.-Oct   2007

September 1, 2007. 
The Bears Are Around - Like Phantoms.
   There are those stalwart souls that proclaim to have grown accustomed to having bear in their backyard.  Many of the Alaska stories by the old guard sourdoughs, intrepid explorers and writers who try to fake us out with their bravery, tell us about living amongst the bears like they were pets.  Let me tell you, friends, I am not one of those.
   Every year when the fall is approaching and the raspberries are ripening and the fish are running in the river in front of us, I begin to notice a change in the landscape, not just the golden flecks that are creeping on the leaves, but when I go out in the yard every morning, I notice a new trail through the grass that surrounds our oasis in the jungle.  And the trails are from the bruins that have emerged from nowhere to traversing the landscape up and down this river in search of sustenance for the onslaught of winter.
   Every morning recently, I have gone outside to new evidence of the visitor the night before.  One morning last week, I notice a five gallon can of paint was turned over and a new trail through the grass out behind our storage shed.  Three days ago, I had to stand a table upright that had been turned over during the night and a chaise lounge pad was torn up.  Last week, I left a silver salmon on a rope in deep water at the foot of our bank, planning to clean it the next morning.  Big mistake.  I came down the next morning and the fish was gone.  The stringer was

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It doesn't get much better than this.  An unidentified angler landed this rainbow at Cooper Landing.  My guess is about 7 pounds.

Side By Side

   The Brooks River is famous for the pictures of bear fishing in the falls.  This recent picture shows that the wolves are learning by watching and are becoming accomplished fisherwolves.

Chisholm Trail Leads to Alaska

September 3, 2007. 
Veggies Are the Star Attraction at the State Fair.
   Alaska is no different from other state fairs when it comes to agriculture and animal husbandry competition.  Our state, however, seems to have a lot of world records when it comes to veggies.  This is attributed primarily to the long daylight of our summers and also, no doubt, some serious fussing and fertilizing.  Here are the current records, some of which were set this year, because of a relatively dry summer, allowing the giants to mature without splitting or developing cracks.

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   Linda's sister Kay (Chisholm) returned again for a repeat fishing experience for Sockeye.  She arrived to a rainy period that she greeted with enthusiasm since Fresno was baking in 120 degrees.

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