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A Few Pics

Secret Spot Coho--15 lbs.

Everything you wanted to know about Soldotna, Alaska     October 2010

Boat Launching at Anchor Point, Alaska

  There's no harbor at Anchor Point so they launch the fishing boats with tractors and the customers' boat trailer.  This is the popular and the only way to put your boat in the water  at a very lucrative fishing grounds for halibut and king salmon.  On the stormy days, things can get pretty wild but they run the boats up on the trailer at about half speed and avoid the hassle of broaching in the surf. 

"Now, let me tell you about the biggest salmon I ever almost caught on the Kenai River."

October 16, 2010.  A Memorable Football Game Stirs Another From the Past.
    Record decibels in the University of Washington stadium would have put a 747 to shame last weekend.  Amidst such noise, the Huskies managed to come out on top of Oregon State in a two overtime barn-burner and gave the fans something to savor for many years to come. 
   It could have gone either way on many occasions, but the Huskies were lucky when a Beaver pass receiver dropped the would-have-been game winner two point conversion pass.  And all hell broke loose.
   The Huskies came out on top after the two overtimes with a score of 35-34 and quarterback Jake Locker will undoubtedly have to be crowned as the hero of the game with his running as well as passing
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   Wilson Gillespie and some friends had some great luck harvesting the huge shrimp on Prince William Sound this summer.  So, he brought one home as a pet, just to prove that he doesn't tell tall stories, you understand.

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