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July 30, 2012.  Salmon Report for 2012:  A Mixed Bag-- Good News and Bad.

   The Salmon season has, almost, bid a fond adieu to the 2012 harvest in Alaska.  There is some good news and some bad news, and in my opinion the bad news takes the front row seat.
   First, the good news.  The sockeye season came off with record numbers in the total run of over 4 million fish and still had an escapement of over 1.5 million to assure the future.  From that total came the commercial harvest, the sport harvest (rod and reel) and the dipnet subsistence harvest.  The escapement of 1.5 million is higher than last year and that was a record breaker.
   In the real world, the sockeye fishing was terrific on the Kenai River as it was elsewhere.  Our efforts were fruitful and both my son Don, Jr. and  his sister Cheryl went home with 50 lb. boxes of filets.  The run was not as intermittent as in the past.  The fish kept coming day afterday.  The intermittent part  is partially explained by the aforementioned "Bad News."                                               
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Riding Shotgun With the Biker Ladies

   Having disposed of the former obsession with Quarterhorses, I have resorted to my Suburban to give aid and comfort to Linda while she exercises.  We are referring to bike-riding. Yes, bike riding.  This is a simple way to enjoy an outing and get some welcome exercise.  Simple, that is, everywhere except Alaska and perhaps some other northern countries that have roads (and bears.)
   I have been recruited to ride shotgun, so to speak, so that Linda can ride her bike down the road.  Since we have had several bear sitings, one of which was in our yard, Linda won't ride her bike unprotected; naked is the term they use in sports, as in a naked reverse in football.  Anyway, she wants to go bike-riding with her friend Diane down the street and wants me to follow along with my Suburban and ride shotgun.  I won't really need a weapon for this exercise but I sure as hell would if I were going fishing or walking in the woods. I would then need the accompaniment of my trusty .44 pistol or the Thompson Sub-Machine gun that I acquired for this purpose.  So, I have volunteered and have conscripted Diane's husband Lou to alternate days with me so we don't have to  wear out our cars  from excessive rpms.
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