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Everything you wanted to know about Soldotna, Alaska        October 2006

Seward Flood--Beware of Silver Salmon

  A bunch of the guys in the Upper Hillside district in Anchorage got together this summer and built a neighborhood play area for their kids.  Wouldn't you know that the black bear mamas got the word and sent the cubs down to play. 

September 15, 2006.  Bear Beware During Humpy Season.

   Anyone who tells you he ignores humpy carcasses when he goes fishing during the even years is whistling in the dark.  He is pumping you with fraud or he should be locked up because he could be dangerous to himself.
   I have trucked up to the Secret Spot every fall for eight years and I can tell you that the Humpy years give me the Willies.  This spot is a great hole with quiet water.  The silvers lie in there and rest before tackling the rapids just above.  And that's when you can cast that Vibrax spinner and expect some great action.
   But on the even years, the year of the Humpy, you have a different mystique.  Those beautiful Fall mornings, with the sunrise peaking at you dead ahead across the mighty Kenai River, is a delight in itself. Except when the Humpy carcasses litter the gravel where more beach has appeared from the receding river level.  This is the time for the bear to join your effort and gobble up as many of those humpies as possible before they retire to na-na land for the winter.
   I tend to avoid this opportunity after the morning I trudged up the river and saw 15 or 20 mangled fish carcasses that hadn't been there the day before.  I don't care who you are, this is a bit unsettling.  Particularly when the spot you like to fish from has a 6 foot bank behind it and you can't see anything coming up behind you. 

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October 9, 2006.  It was a big storm of warm Hawaiian air that wafted over Alaska and Seward got it face on.  5 inches of rain in 10 hours and the Resurrection River overflowed, creating a lot of frustration to the migrating Silver Salmon.  That's about a 15 pounder swimming across the road. 

September 23, 2006. 
55 Years Since High School

   Get serious! Has it really been that long.
   Most of us who showed up at the Langley High School Class of '51 Reunion, kept saying that they couldn't believe 5 years had gone by since the last one.  And they all looked about the same as well.  After about the 40th or so, it seems most of us seem to be in a holding pattern.  At least that's what it seemed to me.  I looked around the room and we  just about had the same showing as last time and everyone looked pretty damn good, actually.
   Betty Hellman Jepson organized the whole thing again and did a fine job.  We even had yearbooks printed and she included pictures of all the troops that she requested in advance.  It was a class job and made the reunion even more special.
   Most of us male-types enjoyed having not one but two of our high school football coaches show up.  We had a great time recounting stories about the games and all the dumb things we usually did.  Even so,

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