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St.Michael's Russian Orthodox cathedral is located literally in the middle of town.
Starrigavin Creek is located 7 miles out of town near the ferry terminal. Wall to wall salmon in late summer.
Herring Cove is located off Silver Bay at the eastern end of our road system. It was used for log storage before the pulp mill shut down.
Crescent Harbor is the largest of the four major harbors. A current expansion of Thompson Harbor will eventually make it larger.
Blue Lake is one of two reservoirs for local hydro-electric plants. Also provides local drinking water.
Sawmill Creek starts at the base of the dam at Blue Lake and empties into Silver Bay about five miles east of town.
Pioneer Home is a state run facility for senior citizens who meet certain requirements.
This is on Gavin Hill about halfway on the hike from Harbor Mountain to Baranof Street. An eight mile hike for the young and skinny.
A sunset across Sitka Sound. Looking west (obviously) from Sandy Beach.
This is a boat covered in ice at Crescent Harbor. You'll have to decide if it's part of a witch's or a welldigger's anatomy that best describes this scene.
Mt. Edgecumbe is a dormant volcano located about 21 miles to the west, across Sitka Sound.
The channel that seperates Baranof Island, where Sitka is located, and Japonski Island where our airport is located.
This is an aerial view of Sitka with Mt.Edgecumbe in the background.
Arrowhead is east of town. It is our best indicator of winter coming. When it gets snow, we know it won't be long.
Middle Island is located in the northeast corner of Sitka Sound. Picture was taken from the top of Harbor Mountain.