Wrestled Snake, Received Valor Award

Fizo leaped off a balconey in Sydney, Australia to save three children from a poisonous snake and became Australia's first dog to receive a medal for valor.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals awared a Purple Cross Bravery medal to Fizo, a fearless 8 year-old Australian Silky Terrier, at a ceremony.

Hugh Wirth, the society's president, said Fizo plunged off a balcony onto a poisonous, 5 foot-long brown snake as it recoiled, ready to attack Fizo's 9 year-old owner and two playmates.

Although he was bitten several times, Fizo held the snake in his mouth until it died.

He collapsed and was taken to a neary animal clinic to receive a venom antidote.

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