Saves Family From Fire

"Gizmo" a dog from Toronto, Canada became a great HERO to his family this past weekend. At approximately 3 P.M. he started trying to awaken his mistress. (Dad was still at work). She was already overcome be the smoke a little put 'Gizmo" was very persistent and wouldn't stop barking until she got up and discovered the house was full of smoke. She quickly got her daughter out but could not find her son of 1 1/2 yrs. "Gizmo" continued to bark and ran back into the house followed by the firemen. He barked at a closet door and this is where the firemen found the little boy, hiding. All are safe with no major injuries. Little 'Gizmo" suffered smoke damage in that his hair had to be shaved he smelled so badly and his little paws are a little red but nothing serious. He certainly was the HERO of the night. He is visiting with Marjorie Robson of Canada for a few days (his first home in Canada) while his family is relocated. What a Hero this little guy was------another Super Silky.

"Gizmo" was already something of a super dog -- while he lived with Marjorie he learned all kinds of tricks and even had a hand at making T.V. commercials besides becoming a Canadian champion.

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