"Unofficial International Show" - Finland - 6/14/98

Judge Sally Baxter - Australia

Sunday afternoon up to 50 person take part of our Silky Day in Espoo and in our unofficial silkyshow competed 35 silkies from 5 different country, Belgium, Finland, France, Norway and Sweden. We want to thank our judge Sally Baxter, Kennel Karlyermai, Australia, who judge our dogs, and after the show gave us time to talk with her.


Best puppy in Show - Curiosity Sweet Sensation 20/09/97 FIN42438/97 I: AUS & FIN CH Balkana Rare Edition e: INT & FIN & S & EST CH JWW-95 Dane York Jeux de Mots, breeder own Pia ja Kristina Heinonen, Pyölintie 13, 03400 Vihti, Finland

Best Puppy of Opposite Sex in Show - Sharhad Grin and Bear It 16/10/97 04933/98 i: AM CH Amron´s T J Bear Extraordinaire e: Sharhad Sweet An Sharp, breeder Sharp, D C & J I, owner Ine Lohrman, Falsensgt 9, N-7015 Trondheim, Norway


Best Junior Male - Curiosity Hippie Love 05/04/97 i: Multi Ch KBHJW-97 EUJW-97 SW-97 Dane York L´Amour Defendu e: Curiosity Linette breeder Pia ja Kristina Heinonen, Vihti own Pia Heinonen & Jani Mäntymaa, Finland

Best Junior Female - De Majodian Nuit-Des-Temps 19/03/97 i: Meli-Melo de Majodian e: Java de Majodian breeder Pascal Mark, France own Simone Mark, F-68440 Habsheim, France


Nantiki Lucky Charm 030/06/89 SF07796/90 i: AUS CH Rydedale Royal Charm e: Nantiki Tinkerbell breeder J.N Boyce, Australia own Pirkko Candelin, Espoo


Best in Show - Dane York Fruit Defendu 8/02/96 i: AUS CH & INT & MULTI CH & WW-96 Karlyermai e: INT & MULTI CH & WW-94 Fruit Defendu de Majodian (on left) kasv/breeder Markku KIpinä, Lumijoki om/own Simone Mark, 68440 Habsheim, France

Best of opposite sex in Show - Ninamanima Blue Penny 27/05/96 FIN I: INT & MULTI CH BV-95 SV-95 Stenilja Juice and Wine e: INT & MULTI CH ESTV-97 PMV-97 Ninamanima Angel Moonlight kasv/breeder Päivi Syvälahti, Myllyoja om/own Kirsi Aho & Päivi Syvälahti, Finland


Dane York L´Amour Defendu 8/02/96 FIN28101/96 I: AUS CH & INT & MULTI CH & WW-96 Karlyermai Cool Dude e: INT & MULTI CH & WW-94 Fruit Defendu de Majodian kasv/breeder Markku KIpinä, Lumijoki om/own Pia Heinonen, Hakaniemenranta 14 A, 00530 Helsinki, Finland


Curiosity First Kiss 04/09/97 FIN42436/97 I: Multi Ch KBHJW-97 EUJW-97 SW-97Dane York L´Amour Defendu e: FIN- S Ch Bombix Moren I Bring The Noise kasv/breeder Pia ja Kristina Heinonen, Vihti own Pia & Kristina Heinonen & Birgitta Hanweg, Finland


Ninamanima Cocoo Jambo, 11/10/96 FIN I: INT & MULTI CH Stenilja Koonunga Hill e: FIN CH Stenilja Goonawarra Gin breeder own Päivi Syvälahti, Myllyoja

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