Saved Owner From Snake Bite

About a year ago, Jim (hubby), Shellye and I were visiting friends. As we were leaving friends house, I reached to pick Shellye up and she would not let me, which was very unusual. We started down the front porch steps and Shellye went running down the steps ahead of us, I called her to come back and started after her, she reached the bottom step just ahead of me and as I reached to get her, she jumped next to my leg, just as a rattlesnake struck. The snake hit Shellye not me. I screamed, Shellye cried out, friends had a gun just inside the front door, got the gun and killed the snake. Early in the day, our friends had seen the snake and had gotten the gun, but then could not find the snake.

Luckily our vet lived close to our friends. We rushed Shellye to his house and he immediately starting medication. Shellye survived, but it was a very touch and go time for several days. We have no idea why the snake struck, but if Shellye had not jumped next to my leg, the snake most definitely would have struck me. During that time when we did not know if Shellye would live or not I wished more than once it had been me instead of her. Of course there is no way to know if Shellye sensed the snake, we were all talking so if the snake was rattling, we did not hear it, she may have heard it, but I don't know how she would have know what it was. Anyway that's Shellye's story. Like I said, she is a hero to me.

Shellye is owned by Jim & Celeste Penny

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