Mustard Gas

    • Records show mustard gas was stored on Annette Island.
    • Records also show it was removed.

In 1987, mustard gas containers were discovered underwater at Dutch Harbor, so we are taking this seriously. Everyone needs to be aware of what to look for.

What to do

if you see any munitions or suspicious vials, ampoules, or jars, or if someone suddenly develops symptoms:

  • Stop work in that area immediately and evacuate.
  • Mark the area, secure the area from others entering, and notify authorities.

Please consult medical personnel on any possible field treatment/decontamination techniques and evacuation procedures.

Mustard agent signs/symptoms: Severe skin blistering and causes severe eye and lung damage. Mustard-gas weapons earned the name from their smell, said to be like rotten mustard or onions.

Unlike nerve agents, which kill swiftly and decisively in small quantities, mustard agents were designed to severely wound enemy troops and produce a prolonged cycle of symptoms—thereby removing troops from the battlefield and overwhelming hospital staff.