Four Metlakatla Clans


Clan images by
Jack Hudson

Our ancestors (the People of Metlakatla) showed a deep respect for their fellow creatures. They used thr creatures' images to represent the families.

Follow their footsteps by taking pride in our lands, thus protecting our lives and the animals'.

Killer Whale Clan Design by Jack Hudson

Don't spoil our sea.

The Killer Whale shares the beautiful sea with us.
The sea suffers from waste dumped in the water.
Help Keep the Killer Whales's home clean - dispose of waste properly.

Raven Clan Design by Jack Hudson

Don't foul our sky.

The Raven put the moon and stars and sun in the sky.
Our view of their light can be blurred by pollution.
Like the Raven - you can help bring light back to the sky.

Eagle Clan Design by Jack Hudson

Don't poison our food.

The Eagle is our benefactor and a fellow fisherman.
He and the fish will be harmed by our hazardous wastes.
Prevent the poisoning - provide care for mother earth.

Wolf Clan Design by Jack Hudson

Don't trash our forest.

The Wolf is our guardian, living deep in our woods.
Our home's beauty can be marred by bags of garbage.
Keep litter out of our home - protect our land.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

The real "Three r's"