Below is the ride information form (just click on the link) and it will pop up. If you wish your ride to be listed on the IATRA web page as a hosted ride fill out the form and e-mail it to Melissa Owen, or Lowell We will review the form and post it on our ride schedule. If you have questions on the form call one of us Melissa at, 457-8971 or 388-4274 or Lowell at, 457-3706. I am sure one of us can answer most of your questions.

The form is mainly to prevent surprise. We all like good surprise, (like finding out the knock on the door when you were in the shower was someone from Publishers Clearing House). Others not so much. Like finding out that 25 yard driveway that you just pulled down with a 4 horse trailer, you must back out. (now seems 100 yards long and has 3 turns in it.) Or what do you mean here is no water for the horses? Another one comes to mind is "an afternoon ride" Started at 12:30PM and now it is 5:00PM and you say after we eat lunch we will start back? I was expecting to be back by 2:00 PM.

While I am on the subject, the information on the form is nice to have handy even if you are just inviting a new rider over for a jaunt around the neighborhood. Sure old friends who have been riding with you for years know. But for someone who hasn't been on rides with you or in your normal riding area it will go a long way to put them at ease.

Ride Information Form

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