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Interior Alaska Trail Riders Association
C/F Jean Ernest
3216 Chena Hot Springs Rd.
Fairbanks AK 99712


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IATRA Officers
President: Melissa Owen, 457-8971 or 388-4274
Vice President: Bob Sands ,
Secretary: Jean Ernest, 488-6738
Treasurer: Rob Wright, 490-9901


Regular club meetings are scheduled 3rd Friday of the month from September through May. Meetings are rotated through various members homes. Check with one of the club officers to see where the next will be.


If you would like to become a member a Membership Form is available here

Membership Form

If you would like to learn more about IATRA click here. This will give you a little about our goals and history. About us

Limited Power of Attorney For your animals.

Scheduled rides for the 2014 season.

Hosted IATRA Rides Rules we ride by.

How can I Host an IATRA Ride. Easy hear is how.

Trail Riding Etiquette for Equestrians This is a very well thought out article by one of our long time members.

Managing Small Pastures Plants Poisonous or Harmful to Horses. This is information from the Cooperative Extension Service, Tanana District University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Plants Poisonous to Horses in North Central United States

Public Service Projects and Proposed Rides

Trail Issues

Other Club Meetings and Events that may be of interest.


Links to sites of interest.

Classified's Items for sale or wanted by IATRA members and friends

HOOF BEATS NORTH The Newsletter of Competitive Trail Riding in Alaska By Laurie Knuutila if you have questions on this article call Laurie 378-9190 or email her