Name of ride:

Sponsor & Contact Info: (Name and phone number and e-mail address.)


Trail head location and parking: (Where do you want us to park and any special parking instructions?)


Meeting point if other than starting trail head: (On some rides we meet at a common point and drive to the trail head together [usually on long out of town trips].


Riders in the saddle at: (Time to be in the saddle.)


Length of trail ride: (However you want to say it miles or time)


Trail terrain and difficulty: (ex: Moderate with some hills, flat, muddy, dry, water crossing if major, significant landmarks and terrain characteristics)


Water: (For the horses at trail head?....along the trail?  Water for people available? )


Lunch stop: (if there is to be one)


Firearms Welcome:  (Yes or No)   Remember firearms are NEVER welcome if you are not proficient and safe with them.


Other items: (This is the place for any special items that you feel are important that riders should know before planning to come on the ride. Like be sure and bring water for your horses, there is none at the trail head. If you are planning a BBQ after the ride, what would you like folks to bring. In other words this is the catch all notes.)

1st aid kit, bug dope for horses and humans, etc.

This would also be a good place to indicate if you want folks to contact sponsor if they are attending so that you will know if there is enough folks for a ride.

No dogs & No Alcohol allowed on IATRA sanctioned rides

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