If you want to post information to this page just e-mail the information to
I check my e-mail most every day and will do my best to keep the information current.


This is the place to post ideas for projects that we can do as a club to enhance the outdoor experience for all. We are horse people, so our ideas may lean more to the horse side, but if our efforts help others that is even better.


This is the place for you to make suggestions on where you would like the club to ride. If you will e-mail me your suggestions I will be glad to post them on a list here. Then we can discuss them at the next meeting. If you would rather not have your name on the list just ask me to post it as anonymous. That is no problem and I will honor your request.

You don't need a formal name for a trail, it can be just "could we have a ride from XX to ZZ". If you "know" there is a trail there fine. If you want to know if someone knows of a trail that covers that area we can hopefully answer you. Now if it is a question and you know of a trail let me know and I will post the answer.
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