Hosted IATRA Rides Rules
Common sense manners for enjoying a ride with others

Unless the host or hostess of the ride says differently prior to the ride:

1. Please, for many reasons DO NOT bring your dog on rides.

2. Do show up on the appointed time and be ready to go when it's Boots in the Saddle.

3. Be polite, do not saddle up and ride around while others are getting their gear and horse together.

4. If you like to travel fast, check and see if there are others in the group that feel likewise; then check with the host/hostess to see if your group could travel well enough ahead of the slower group so as not to upset their horses. Of course, be sure you know where you're going.

5. The host/hostess of the ride will have a resume of the trail and its conditions before the ride. If you have ANY doubt that you or your horse may not be up to the ride, be sure to double check before going.

6. If you bring a cell phone (good idea) be sure to have it off or on silent ring.

7. Do not bring a firearm unless OK'd by the host/hostess. Also, don't bring one even if OK'd, unless you are proficient in its use around horses and other riders.

8. If you are first at a water stop, be sure to allow room for others and don't let your horse muddy the puddle/stream. Same goes for grazing spots at rest stops.

9. Try to travel single file unless the trail is wide enough to travel side by side. Keep the horse in front of you far enough ahead to see his hind hooves between your horse's ears. PLEASE, use a red ribbon/yarn/tape on your horse's tail if he kicks or has a problem with someone coming up too close.

10. If you see every trail ride as a conditioning ride for competition, don't ride with a group that wants to laze-along. You'll all be unhappy. If you're a seasoned backcountry rider, try to make newcomers comfortable and don't think everything has to be a 'survival of the fittest' ride. If you're a green trail rider, don't hide the fact but ask questions.

11. If you have allergic reactions to bees or have any other medical condition that could come on unexpectedly, please inform the group where your medical supplies are located and how to administer them in case of emergency. Remember: do not put your medical supplies on your horse. Put them on your person so that they will always be available should you get separated from your horse.

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