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Your ticket to a Great Alaskan Adventure

Welcome to Kodiak, Land of the Giants.

Whether you are coming to Kodiak to fish for Barn door Halibut, or hunt for the Giant Kodiak Bear,

Lucky Hook Charters can guide you to a true Kodiak adventure.

Owner/operator Fred O´Hearn is a 26 year Kodiak resident. He has a U.S.C.G. Masters License and is a Alaskan Registered Big Game Guide/Outfitter. Customizing to fit your needs, everything possible will be done to ensure a safe, memorable and successful Kodiak outdoor adventure.

Fishing for that barn door Halibut, All species of Salmon, Lingcod, Black Bass or Irish Lords.

Just another successful fishing trips.

Imagine fishing Alaska's pristine waters in less than an hour from Kodiak Harbor. Customize your trip or just sit back, relax and let me take you to the fish. Beautiful offshore scenery of our Emerald Island and pretty darn good fishing. Try out the action rod and hang on, catch fish until your arms are sore. With over 25 years of local knowledge I'll seek out the calmest waters and the hottest fishing spots so you can truly enjoy your Kodiak fishing experience.

In last summers K.I.S.A. sponsered Halibut Derby, the first and second place winners were with Lucky Hook Charters.

So Quit Wish'n and Go Fish'n with Kodiak's Lucky Hook Charters.

Hunting for the Kodiak Brown Bear, Sitka Blacktail deer, Roosevelt Elk or Ducks.

A successful Brown Bear hunt

Come to Kodiak for the Trophy Hunt of a lifetime. Customized hunts to fit your needs and abilities.

Whether its still hunting a salmon stream or glassing one of Kodiak's remote drainages, hunting the Kodiak Brown Bear will be an adventure you will cherish forever. Deluxe accommodations in prime Brown Bear areas will insure a comfortable and enjoyable hunt. All hunts are Fair Chase.

Kodiak has exceptional hunting for Sitka Blacktail deer with generous bag limits. Many species of exotic sea ducks are also available, not to mention Roosevelt Elk. Lucky Hook Charters offers a wide variety of combination Deer/Duck hunts, Elk/Deer hunts, or Bear/Deer hunts.

Coming in 2000! New hunts including Moose, Dahl Sheep, Grizzly Bear, Caribou, Wolf and Wolverines. These will take place from August 10th through September 30th. Kodiak Bear available October 25th through November 15th.

Alaska has a complex system of drawing hunts, bag limits and regulations. Please contact Kodiak Lucky Hook Charters for rates and information on Fishing and Hunting Seasons and Dates. To confirm reservations a 50% non-refundable deposit is required of the total price. The balance is due upon your arrival.

To contact Lucky Hook Charters for that once in a lifetime adventure write, phone, fax or email me at:

Kodiak Lucky Hook Charters
Fred O'Hearn
P.O. Box 88 Kodiak, AK 99615
Phone: (907) 486-2544 or Fax: (907) 486-3192


Another successful Brown Bear hunt

Even groups are successful