Current weather in Sitka. Is it extreme? Find Out!

Have you seen the new Kam the Alaskan wonder puppy pages?


Winter Extreme

Extreme snowcave

Extreme face shot

Extremely close to the rope

Gearing for an extreme first lead

Extreme crampon close up

Summer Extreme

New view of town

Extreme mountain biking

probably 50k pic of totem

suprise shot, different than thumbnail 50k

Non Alaskan Things

My four-stroke hero

Headin' out on a 100+ mile race


Impound at a National I.S.D.E.

Some Examples of Other Tree Top Designs Sites

Artist Stephen Lawrie's site

Orion Sporting Goods

Homestead Outfitters

Pacific Expeditions

Yellow Jersey Cycle Shop

Resume of Al Katz


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