Kodiak Deer Hunts

Deer season runs from August 1st to December 31st. Planted on Kodiak Island in the 1920s, Sitka blacktail deer have found Kodiak and the adjacent islands to be ideal for growth and breeding. The past few mild winters have been favorable to the deer population, so their numbers are up.

Early August hunting is generally in the high alpine, where the bucks go to escape the heat and bugs, and (for hunter) where the grass is short. The frosts and blustery Fall weather of September and October help knock down the grasses and clear the leaves off the alder, making for much improved hunting conditions. But November usually results in the cool to cold weather and the brush conditions ideal for hunting. With any luck there will be a bit of snow for tracking and good spotting contrast. Early December is excellent hunting too, with antlers becoming loose by December 15. Hunters should plan on rigorous terrain, and a tough pack out.


Come to Kodiak Island for true wilderness hunting of Sitka blacktail deer, and since only a small section of northeast Kodiak has roads, hunting from the Mythos gives you the best hunting flexibility. Kodiak is a beautiful and wild island, a perfect place for a self guided hunt that will be the experience of a lifetime.

Aboard the Mythos, you and your party can leave from the Port of Kodiak to any part of the Kodiak or Afognak Islands for excellent deer hunting. Since your accommodations are on the boat, while you are hunting ashore, I standby with the Mythos for your return, (getting that evening meal ready).

The Mythos

Powered by a big six cylinder diesel, the forty-four foot long Mythos is equipped to operate for extended periods along the coast of Kodiak Island. She has a complete navigational package, sodium lights for night operation, six kW diesel generator, full safety gear to comply with commercial fishing regulations (stricter than for charter). A zodiac provides for your transport ashore.

Accommodations include oil and electric heat, hotwater heater, dry comfortable bunks, satellite phone, etc. The galley includes oil fired range with oven, microwave, bread maker, coffeemaker, rice cooker, refrigerator, freezer, etc. All your meals will be prepared Alaska style.

Sitka Blacktail hunting here on Kodiak and adjacent islands is maritime hunting. Hunting generally occurs within a mile or two of the coastline and the terrain is tough and wild, with deer trails forming the main thoroughfares. Since you are in close proximity to salt water when you hunt, you return to the vessel every night. (No need to shiver in a soggy tent in the rain or be up all night with the bears.)

Another nice thing about being on the boat is that we can haul up the anchor and head for another bay and another opportunity whenever you want.

The Mythos has a shelter over her large deck to hang your deer under and hold room below to store the wrapped meat, so that by the time we have returned to the port of Kodiak, your deer can be ready for air shipment home. Or you can have it prepared to your specifications by Kodiak's excellent smokehouse and packing plant. Their smoked deer hams are very popular. Quality taxidermy services are available in Kodiak, or you can take your trophy to your favorite taxidermist.

State of Alaska License Fees:
Nonresident Hunting License:
Nonresident Sport Fishing License:
Nonresident Deer Tag:
Alaska State hunting and fishing licenses and tags are available aboard the Mythos.
Click these links to Alaska Department of Fish or Game for complete information.

Hunt/Fish Option

While the very best times for hunting deer and fishing for either coho salmon or giant Pacific halibut don't occur simultaneously, they do overlap a bit. Early hunters can fish for coho and halibut successfully into early October. Later hunters have a somewhat diminished chance of success, but we have regularly caught halibut inshore right up to the halibut sportfish closure of November 15th.

Clothing and Gear

Warm fall and winter clothing, especially wool or synthetic fleece is preferred clothing. Maritime climates are moist, so goose down clothing has limited value, and once saturated, is a dangerous liability. Most hunters prefer Polartec fleece long underwear, heavy wool socks, a Polartec fleece shirt, wool pants, and a Filson wool jacket. This makes for quiet traveling. The hi-tech fabrics available from your favorite outfitter will serve you well. When conditions are wet, we wear a pair of close fitting commercial fishing boots (called Xtra-Tuffs), as they will take hours of immersion without leaking. In dry conditions, we wear heavy mountaineering type lug sole boots for traction and support in the tough terrain. These are personal preferences, and as an experienced hunter you will have your own ideas. Goretex raingear is necessary when the weather turns sour (excellent quiet hunting during rain for the prepared). Wool gloves and a warm hat with ear flaps is likewise important. Bring a moderate sleeping bag for the boat, and camp slippers for wearing in the boat's cabins. Don't forget camera, film, binoculars, video camera, etc.

2002 Rate Sheet

Five day hunts (Sunday through Friday). Party of:
2 -- $400 each per day / 3 -- $325 each per day
4 -- $250 each per day / 5 -- $230 each per day
6 -- $210 each per day
Fuel surcharge 3%. Kodiak city tax is 6% or $30 max.
Prices are for exclusive boat use. Includes snacks, meals, launch, custom
itinerary, and 24 hours of adventure. Sleeping bags provided for an
additional $20 (each) cleaning fee.

Reservations/Payment Policy

In order to confirm your trip, a fifty percent (50%) deposit of the total package is due within 14 days of your reservation being placed with Mythos Expeditions. The remaining fifty percent (50%) is due prior to the departure.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellations 60 days or more prior to scheduled departure are subject to a ten percent cancellation charge.
  2. Cancellations between 60 and 31 days prior to scheduled departure are subject to a fifty percent cancellation charge.
  3. No refunds will be made if cancellations are made 30 days or less prior to scheduled departure.
  4. No partial refunds will be issued for late arrivals or early departures.
  5. All overnight trips extended due to weather conditions will be charged the rate of fifty percent of the daily rate per person and must be paid prior to departing the vessel.

We recommend trip cancellation insurance, available from your travel agent.

Captain Dave

Dave has lived in Kodiak since 1964. When he is not fighting off lingcod, he commercially fishes halibut with his family and takes people into the wilds on the Mythos. He has lots of experience on and around Kodiak, and will share that with you to provide you the best experience.

Contact Dave by calling him at (907) 486-5536, (evenings and early mornings are best) or emailing him at Dave <mythosdk@ptialaska.net>.

Kodiak Deer Hunts
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