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This is a collection of gardening articles I wrote for the Fairbanks Daily NewsMiner from March 1983 to April 1984 and put into a small book, Gardening in the Cabbage Patch in Fairbanks, Alaska, which is still available from the author. Gardening in the sub-Arctic has been going on for years. It is with a love of gardening I will share some knowledge with you. You can order this book through the author.

Gardening in Fairbanks, Alaska is like gardening anywhere in the sub-Arctic regions of the world, such as in northern Canada, Siberia, Norway, Finland and Sweden. Gardeners have to deal with cold soils in the summer, even though there are long photoperiods for plant growth. 90 growing days is about the average for the floor of the Tanana Valley here in the interior of Alaska at 65deg. 148 Latitude. However, you may get between 100 and 110 growing days on the hillsides and ridge tops surrounding the valley.

In my little book I will describe to you various ways of successful gardening in the sub-Arctic Interior of Alaska.

I have enjoyed talking with many talented Fairbanks, Alaska gardeners. I also enjoyed being a participant in the University of Alaska's Cooperative Extension Master Gardener classes. I hope you will gain some new knowledge about gardening in Fairbanks through their fantastic wisdom.



Chapter 1-March

  1. March Gardening Schedule
  2. Gardeners Bring Spring Indoors by Planting Seeds
  3. Get Those Seedlings Off to a Good Start for Summer
  4. Grow and Behold Showy Begonias
  5. Time to Prepare Fuchsia Flower Baskets for Summer
  6. Its Time to Pick Your Tomato Seeds

Chapter 2-April

  1. Gardening Schedule - April
  2. Nip Those Gardening Problems in the Bud
  3. Prepare Those Fair Dahlias for the Fair's Flower Show
  4. The Lowly Earthworm Earns its Keep in Alaskan Gardens
  5. Herb Gardener Shares Her Secrets
  6. Herb Notebook
  7. Competitive Gardeners Can Reap Lots of Local Awards
  8. Greenhouse Gardening is Blooming

Chapter 3-May

  1. Gardening Schedule - May
  2. Proper Seed and Fertilizer Will Yield Healthy Lawns
  3. Plot Out Your Family's Garden
  4. Pick a Good Spot for That Perennial Strawberry Patch
  5. 'Everbearing' Strawberries
  6. Harness the Sun Against Cold Soils
  7. Pumpkin Patch

Chapter 4-June

  1. Creepy, Crawly Critters Can EatUp Your Garden
  2. For a Great Garden, Be Sure To Pour It On
  3. Lawson Works Magic With Carrots
  4. Hirn's Hardy Carrots Are Blooming in June

Chapter 5-July

  1. Tips to Follow in Transplanting Wildflowers*
  2. Vegetables Outgrow the Weeds in Carpeted Garden*
  3. Fair Garden Shows Pioneer Community Pride*

    Chapter 6-August

  1. Composting: One Gardener's Way to Give Silty Soil a Helping Hand*
  2. Condominium Owners Enjoy Container Gardening
  3. Gardens Thrive with Hydroponics*
  4. Pioneer Familys' Lawn-Garden a Delight to Flower Fanciers*
  5. Pioneer Community Pride Blooms at Flower-Filled Schoolyard*

Chapter 7-September

  1. Ridge-top Apple Orchard Flourishes in Fairbanks
  2. Designing a Good Arctic Root Cellar
  3. Fall a Good TIme for Transplanting
  4. Available Gardening-Oriented Brochures from the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service

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