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Life in Yakutat, Alaska never ceases to amaze photographer R E (Bob) Johnson. "Since moving here, the term "wilderness experience" has lost all meaning. Every day in Yakutat (pop. 650) is a "wilderness experience."

"You can't get here by road, only by plane (a 35 minute jet flight northwest from Juneau) or a 120 mile boat ride. There are annual concentrations of eagles, shorebirds, and a lot of brown bears. It's not unusual to see one walking down main street during the spring and fall."

fighting brown bears icebergs on Harlequin Lake
"This place is vast. There are miles of sandy beaches, and you never have to wait in line. On the downside, photo models are sometimes hard to come by, and it
rains quit a bit."

"During the late 1980's we had 8 FEET of rain during September and October--makes you appreciate months with only eight or ten inches of precipitation. But on clear days, no location in the world can touch this place for natural beauty."

Hubbard Glacier Calving Kayaker on Harlequin Lake
The credit line R E Johnson first appeared with a cover shot for ALASKA Magazine about 1980, eight years after Bob moved to Sitka from the suburbs of Seattle ("pre-grunge, before Microsoft even"). Since then, a steady progression of national, then international credit lines, public shows, and awards have followed. "I seem to be in a period of sharp focus and fortunately I am able to appreciate
the situation, especially from out here in Yakutat."
girl campfire girl on beach girls with kite on 4 wheeler
"I've been hiding out for a while, photographically, experimenting with light and film, trying to learn some things," explains Bob. This introspection has produced some portraits, some teaching, some prints and a few articles, "These experiences were very satisfying. Hopefully, the "education-knowledge-wisdom thing" is working now; the world around me has taken on a new dimension."
Cruise ship at Hubbard Glacier Bald Eagles Wild Iris


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Check out Bob's article Ghost of Schooner Beach about the wreck of the three-masted schooner, Satsuma Maru, which lay buried for decades under the shifting sands of a remote Gulf of Alaska beach near Yakutat before briefly revealing herself.

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