R E Johnson, image © Kathy Tarr
JuJjujj JMay, 2012

Hello all and welcome,

I am in the process of updating my site again and providing access to images reguested as prints at the urging of many fans. My life continues to evolve, with change continuing to be the primary constant. All is well and thanks to all for your interest in my work. I am very fortunate to live in this unique location.

Advertising and journalistic use of my images continues to increase world-wide and helps pay the bills, however, I have always thought of myself as an "art" photographer. With this thought in mind, I hope to continue further development of this site to share my personal projects and visions. For now I will present a number of fairly straight-forward images that capture a bit of the "magic" of my corner of the world, Southeast Alaska.

I have always desired to have the ability to create prints that rival the nuance of the original observed vision. I spent several decades in a traditional "wet" darkroom, striving to learn the processes of the masters. In the end I was satisfied with my monochromal proficiency, however, the ability to tease out shadow detail and accurate color from transparency -based processes left me frustrated. Advances in digital imaging technology over the past fifteen years created a great opportunity for me to learn to create archival color prints that have been readily accepted by those who have seen them on display.

The papers that I print on are acid-free cotton rag from Europe, and and the printing process provides print stabilty of 100 years (conservatively) when properly matted, framed, and displayed. I guarantee satisfaction with all of my prints.

I am now in the process of restoring balance, growing, and moving forward to finally accomplish some life-goals. Thanks to all of you for support!


Robert E. Johnson