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Hello Folks, I'm "Sweetie", your friendly Alaskan Husky. My Mom & Dad (Pat and Ed) say I'm "sweet as sugar" and so they have chosen me to be the spokesdog for Chena Dog Sled Adventures and tell you about our "adventure" packages.



We live on 120 acres near Mile 24 just off the Chena Hot Springs Road, about 40 miles east of Fairbanks, Alaska. We have easy access to the "Winter Trail", and all of the 1/4 million acres of the Chena River State Recreation Area.



Although I have my own one room cabin (as do my brothers and sisters), they're not big enough for guests. However, my Mom and Dad have some nice cabins available if you want to spend the night (or several nights) with us. They also have a nice wood heated sauna that you can use.

Meals are an option in certain "Adventure" packages. By-the-way, my Mom is a real good cook!



We are sorry to announce that we are no longer offering summer "Adventure Packages".


Dogsled Rides - Now you're talking excitement! We love taking people for dogsled rides during the winter. As I've mentioned before, my brothers and sisters are anxious to show you our dog team skills. We work hard all year to keep in shape, and when winter comes we're ready. Come join us for the ride of your life!

 Snow Shoeing - Have you ever wondered how rabbits can move over the snow so well? If you put on a pair of snow shoes you'll find out. Once you get the technique of walking with them you'll feel just like a rabbit. Carrot, anyone?

Ice Fishing - If you enjoy fishing you should try ice fishing. Yes, even when the lakes and ponds are frozen the fish are still there and ready to be caught. Ed can show you how in no time. By-the-way, I love fish, so if you catch any I'll help you eat them!

Dogsledding and Dog Team Instruction - Pat and Ed have various training programs available to help you learn how to care for, maintain, and handle dog teams. The programs vary in length depending on how much you want to learn. More information is available by clicking on the following hyperlink (DOG TEAM TRAINING), or by contacting Pat or Ed via regular mail or email at the addresses found at the beginning of this website.



For a listing of our "Adventure Packages" and pricing, please click on the PRICES link.


(Click HERE to see photos of me, my brothers and sisters, and some other neat stuff.)

(Click HERE to see some really great photos of the Northern Lights graciously provided by our friend Yoshihiro Koseki.)


Thanks for visiting our website, and if you decide to come for a visit I promise you'll really enjoy yourself.

Your Friend,

Sweetie (the Alaskan Husky)


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