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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I filed bankruptcy or have had adverse credit in the past can I get a loan?
    A: Typically we would require a cosigner to apply with you. The cosigner needs to have three years of credit, three years on their job and preferrably be a relative.

Q: What criteria or requirements are needed to obtain a loan?
    A: We typically require a year on the job, a year at your current residence and one year of positive credit history. You must be at least 18 years of age as well.
Q: What interest rate can I expect on a consumer loan?
    A: Interest rates vary depending on your credit worthiness and the risk NCC is taking.
Q: Does NCC offer debt consolidation loans?
    A: Yes, NCC will consider debt consolidation loans, if there is adequate collateral; and any credit lines paid off with the debt consolidation loan are required to remain closed.

Q: If I/we receive a loan from NCC, will I receive a payment booklet?
    A: No, we send a monthly billing statement.

Q: Does NCC sell its repossessions?
    A: Yes. Please call NCC for the most current list of items up for sale.

Q: Does NCC finance mobile homes?
    A: Yes, we generally require 10-20% down, with terms for repayment up to seven years.

Q: If I have a loan with NCC and want to move out of state before the account is paid in full, what do I need to do?
    A: You need to get permission from NCC in writing before removing the collateral from the state.

Q: What real estate loans will NCC consider?
    A: NCC offers home equity loans for home improvement and debt consolidations. We also finance unconventional home purchases. You can call NCC for a good faith estimate on closing costs and pre-approval.

Q: Does NCC offer conventional mortgages?
    A: No, we refer our customers to our sister company, Northland Mortgage Company or our parent company National Bank of Alaska.

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