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"Drummer Boy"

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#1115 Denali Version, Alaska Nativity

#1112 and #1115 Alaskan Nativity Sets
Becky has captured the glow of the Northern Lights in an Alaskan interpretation of the Nativity. Each of the 7 hand-sculpted pieces within the crèche are hand-finished with expressive faces and signed by the artist. Mary and Joseph are finished with a fur ruff around their faces. A fur mat completes the set. The set is boxed, ready for gift giving or shipping.

Original #1112: $69; includes Mary, Joseph, Igloo,
Cradle with Puffin, Walrus, Polar Bear, Seal.

Denali #1115: $74; includes Mary, Joseph, Igloo,
Cradle with Eagle, Moose, Wolf, Brown Bear.

   # 1121 Drummer Boy  -- $20 each

Can you hear the beating of the drums? Many of you have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of this new piece. Dressed in a glacier green parka with a polar bear friend peeking out from behind him, our new DRUMMER BOY calls everyone to celebrate!



#1118 Alaskan Arctic Angel
$18 each
This angel will fly behind either Nativity set with her jeweled star. She's hand-sculpted in multiple shades of white clay, swirled to create her parka. Gold trim and white fur ruff highlight her parka. Stand also available for purchase.

#1119 The Husky Tender
$20 each
The sled dog team has always been an important mode of transportation for the Alaskan people connecting them to each other and to the "outside world." It was just such teams that participated in the run up to Nome in 1925 bringing lifesaving serum to diphtheria victims. Like a shepherd guarding the flock, the Husky Tender gathers his team of dogs around him. With huskies in his arms and at his feet, the Husky Tender is hand-sculpted with individually painted faces. Enjoy as an additional piece to the Alaskan
Nativity set or as an individual sculpture.

#1117 Three Wisemen
$70 each set
Exquisite detailing shows in each of the pieces in the Three Wisemen set. Aleut, Athabaskan and Tlingit Travelers represent the Native peoples of Alaska. Each  brings a gift representative of their culture  -- the birch basket, oomiak and button robe.

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