School, Children and Youth
Educational Programs

For over 30 years Susan Grace has brought her wonderful mix of entertainment and education to children of all ages.

  As the creator of Camp Habitat (1991), an environmental education camp in Fairbanks Alaska, Susan knows the importance of planting positive seeds in young minds.

Through songs and stories, Susan takes her audience on an adventure into worlds of new ideas. “Learning can be loads of fun!” Her sing-along’s, shout-along’s, action stories and songs inspire all to do just that.

“Susan’s timely songs and stories had a magical effect on our middle school students.
They were involved and captivated by her performance. We can’t wait to have her back!”
-Wendy Sparks, Principal Charlotte Brown Middle School, Danville, CA
School Assemblies K-12

Songs and stories about Alaska, the Earth, and all who call it “home”. All of her programs include audience participation, and are educational as many of her songs carry a message. Students learn while they are having fun!

For older students Susan loves open at the end of the show time for discussion,
answering questions about Alaskan wildlife and lands, issues facing Alaska at this
time, and life in the far north.

Full Days in School          K-12
Susan would like to schedule a full day in the school including a school assembly,
visiting classrooms to talk with students in small groups about Alaska. Perhaps
even an evening family concert could be scheduled

Artist in Residence Residence's can be 3-5 days
Sample of some week long “Artist in Residence” experiences:
Hughs School, Koyuokuk School District, AK…Songwriting and Folk Dancing with K-12
Cane Run Elementary School, Louisville, KY...Songwriting with 2nd and 3rd Grades
St. Paul Island and St. George Island Schools, Pribilof Islands, AK...Songwriting with K-12
Anderson School, Eilson Airforce Base, AK...Songwriting, Folk Dancing, Hand’s On Music K-2