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About Our Business

David directing a wetlands
restoration project.
We are Margaret Tharp and David Lendrum, and Landscape Alaska is our family business. We started Landscape Alaska in 1983 in our front yard on Mark Alan Street in Juneau. Now we operate on a spacious site in Vintage Park beside the Mendenhall River, next to the Mendenhall Valley Post Office.
In our seventeen years in Juneau, we have:
  • Introduced hundreds of new plants into the area.
  • Transformed much of the domestic and municipal garden architecture of our community.
  • Trained hundreds of high-school-age people in the basics of nursery and landscaping work.
  • Won the Mayor's Choice Award for Beautification.

We have been involved in commercial horticulture for most of our lives. Before coming to Alaska, Margaret worked in landscape design in Oregon, and David worked in farming and nurseries in California.

Margaret is a prolific and influential landscape designer in Southeast Alaska. She has developed a technique for removing native plant communities intact, from areas slated for development. When replanted, this understory sod uses its adaptive plant associations to provide beautiful landscapes in low-maintenance environments.

David's dedicated efforts to contribute to horticulture in Southeast Alaska include seed collection, new-species trials, greenhouse technology, and nursery design.

Mission Statement: We improve the quality of our lives and of those around us by creating landscapes that encourage the integration of the individual into the larger world. We seek and share the best that the world of horticulture has to offer, and encourage all we meet to partake in the banquet that nature spreads before us. We make every effort to preserve and enhance the ancient and adapted landscape into which we have placed ourselves.

Call us at (907) 790-4916

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