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Mouse over the below image. Surprises abound on this site! Look for many new multimedia improvements. I encourage you to get the new quicktime plug-in . This site will soon contain many movies and sound using this new cross platform plug-in.
This site is your source of the Extreme in Sitka Alaska. To keep up with demand for new photos of the storm of '99 we have added a new page of photos. The Site of the Extreme is looking for a decent server. If you have any suggestions please send them. I'm also interested in your opinion of the site. So many new web sites are popping up in Sitka. Send me your favorites and we will provide future users a link to it. We hope to develop an "Everything Sitka" site to complement what is already out there and to encourage new sites from folks who are thinking about the possibility.

ello t Hello to our newest guests! Shawn, Justin, Rocky, and Don!!!!



Special bachelors at bachelor section! Survivor i mean. Recent dumps should provide super riding conditions. Good luck to the boys in their pursuit of fun. Please enter the url"http://www.ptialaska.net/~muddyice/------.htm/"

fill in the blanks w/ a german shepherds' name and last 2 digits of year of the tt.



By the way, you are person number98,45to seek the ULTIMATE EXTREME SIT


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