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Last  week's show featured Debra, author of AppleWorks for Dummies and contributing author of Mac Office 98 Bible. Deborah started playing with computers in high school, where a terminal called into a mainframe at a local university. Throughout her years in video and audio/visual production, computers kept coming back into her life. And then came the Mac.... She got into the Mac for its creative abilities, did some art and desktop publishing, and then found herself being called a computer "expert."

Deborah has been on the Los Angeles Macintosh Group's (LAMG) Board of Directors since 1993. She's also a member of the Association of Database Developers and the Association of Macintosh Trainers. You can find her teaching classes or leading Special Interest Groups at the LAMG, speaking at MacFair and at Macworld Expo, or teaching computers and computer software all over L.A.

AppleWorks 5 For Dummies delivers fast and friendly know-how on creating professional-quality reports with charts, tables, spreadsheets, and pictures. Use the AppleWorks basic page layout techniques to create everything from family newsletters to business reports, and enhance your presentations with state-of-the-art digital sound and video. Build an address database, print your own mailing labels, and run the mail merge program to personalize and print form letters. Design a Web page with images, videos, and links to promote your business, organization, or personal perspective on the world, or insert hyperlinks into your desktop documents to take readers straight to the Web.

You can find other titles by Debra here.

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