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First we've encoded these archives with Real Audio, which means ANY version of Real Audio at any speed should work. If you don't have the Real Audio player, then go to the Real Networks site. If you have problems let us know. Scroll down for our list for the old list of archives.  And Please NOTE!!! We've just added more archives! Here's the latest:

Privacy Both Online & Off
The Myth Behind Computer Viruses
Windows Annoyances
AOL in a Nutshell

The Long List of Archives

The Future of Technology 
Brad Wieners
associate editor at Wired Magazine, and David Pescovitz, contributing editor for Wired Magazine, and authors of the book "Reality Check" are the featured guests. They  discuss what one hundred experts had to say about the future of technology in their book. From gene therapy for cancer to Jet Packs for personal transportation. Click the link below to hear the show...    

The Be Operating System Jean-Louis Gassée - CE0 Be, Inc. Not satisfied with the current operating system choices, Gassée decided to quit |Apple computer and go out on his own, inventing one of the more innovative operating systems to date. He's a French man with flair and certainly an entertinaing guest. Click the Real Audio link below to listen to Mr. Gassée's thought on Being there....   


Open Phones! 
Yes, there are a ton of questions, and a few answers. Check the Computer.Radio Show Bulletin Board for more answers on those questions that stumped the co-host. Or feel free to listen here to the show by simply clicking the Real Audio enabled link.      

Politics Online! 
Larry Makinson 
- Director Center for Responsive Politics Do you know where the money is giong? Did you know you can look up your favorite senator and congressman and find out whose funding him? It's true and Larry tells you all about it. You might recognize the name. Makinson started the widly popular "Running" program on Channel 7 - KAKM.    

Computer & Online Ethics Joan Connell  -Ethics Columnist, MSNBC How does technology and ethics mix? You'd be surprised. Technology and our use of it can bring about an amazing array of ethical dilemmas you'd never even thought of. And Joan will open your eyes to spam, slander, libel and a whole lot more.    

 Email Clearly Explained! 
Brad Shimmin
is the technical analyst for LAN Times magazine and has authored a ton of articles, along with creating a web site dedicated to component software called PARTS. He's author of Effective E-Mail Clearly Explained, LAN Times Guide to Networking Windows 95, and the LAN times Guide to Interoperability. From learning what all  that gibberish is, to understanding those email attachments, to finding out where to find someone's email address. You name it, he'll answer tons of email related questions. You're guaranteed to learn something.  

The Java Programming Language Harry McIntosh, author of "Talk Java to Me" talks about the wonderful world of Java. Pull up a cup of joe and listen for yourself by clicking the link below. Harry has been a computer programmer for the past 20 years. He  has designed programs for everything from PCs and Macs up to mainframes. Harry has released three CDs to date, on C, C++ and Java. He and his wife Lynnzy (who narrates the CDs), live in sunny Denver with two cats, two dogs and a random number of fish.

      Online Investing The Motley Fools  -Investment Gurus Need a little help investing your hard earned dollars? These guys are the ones to know when you wanna make your dough grow. Check out their web site for some of the best investment advice you'll find.

   Guiding Your Windows Journey Steve Nelson - You probably have a book written by Steve because he's written hundreds of books including the widely popular and wonderfully written Microsoft Press Field Guides. He's also author of many dummies titles, including Quicken Quick Reference for Dummies. Check out what Steve has to say about all things Windows 

    Microsoft Rep Tells All! Dan Pike, System engineer with Microsoft, specializing in Internet and intranet technology gives us his spin on Internet Explorer 4.0. Mr. Pike He has been with Microsoft for 8 years, and prior to Microsoft worked at IBM for 2 years. Tune in and boot up this coming Tuesday to hear Mr. Pike tells us all about Internet Explorer. 

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