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This week's show features John Rizzo...a San Francisco writer and consultant. He's author of several books including "Mac Windows Integration", The Little Network Book for Windows and Macintosh and How Macs Work, published by ZD Press. 

John is also editor and creator of, a great site for anyone trying to integrate the two operating systems together. provides daily tips, news and how-to tutorials and product listings. 

Rizzo wrote the BackPanel column in MacWeek Magazine and was an editor at MacUser magazine for seven years. Rizzo is currently a contributing editor for Computer Currents. Over his career he has written over 400 articles in magazines such as MacWorld, MacWeek, PC Magazine, PC Computing, Computer Currents and Web Techniques. Rizzo will be speaking about cross-platform issues at Seybold San Francisco at the end of this month. 

For a complete list of John's books, click here.

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