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Guest Book
  • "The Best Wildlife in Alaska"--Julie Andleman (naturalist), Los Angeles, CA

  • "Whale of a day and an awesome crew"--Janna Meyer (naturalist) Burnsville, MN

  • "What a great tour, you guys are the best"--Jack Wong (photographer) Vancouver, B.C.

  • "Great trip, I'll be back"--Sue Fuller, Tampa, Florida

  • "Absolutely splendid"--Keith and Lesley Gooding, England

  • "Fantastic, best of our trip to Alaska"--Shana and Patricia Stewart, Table Top, Australia

  • "Wonderful trip, Capt. Larry & Trapper are great"--Joan & Keith Burbridge, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • "My soul thanks you for this experience"--Diann Price, Oak Ridge, NC

  • "What a wild and fantastic day"--Andrea Lemon, Coquitlam, B.C.

  • "Great Crew and fantastic tour"--Gavin Kavanaugh, Auburn, WA

  • "Great trip--fantastic guides"--Curt and Diane Schendel, Corona, CA

  • "WOW"--Sovia de Alvarez, El Salvador, CU

  • "Wonderful, thanks for sharing"--Mara Culp, Saudi Arabia

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