The Millennium


First for the purists...We know Jan.1, 2001 is the true Millennium, but we are going to party anyway this year along with the rest of the world . We figure that being able to have two millennium celebrations only comes along once in a lifetime...(?)

This Year:

That's right. Frigate.

We are returning to the Galapagos with another group of adventurous folks for the turn to 2000 to see this magnificent Frigatebird along with the other cool creatures that live there. Yes, we fully expect to be mildly inconvenienced by the Y2K bug but we all reckon a great place to be stranded is someplace warm with lots of fish.


The True Millennium

We are issuing an open invitation to all family and friends to come spend the New True Millennium with us in front of a bonfire overlooking the bay.

Be the first to make a reservation for the guest room, futon or floor.*

Call for details!

*Some restrictions apply. Batteries not included. Some assembly required. Void where prohibited (?)


In the meantime A millennium reminder for PC users.

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