Musicians United to Sustain the Environment

A tax -exempt nonprofit organization featuring many of the country’s foremost environmental musicians.

The philosophy of this organization is to raise funds, by creating and selling recordings, hosting concerts, and seek public donations which are then applied to critical North American Wilderness conservation projects.

M.U.S.E. is continually donating to the most pragmatic grass-roots environmental efforts– projects where their dollars will be put to work to yield tangible results. For more information about these grants and donations please see the M.U.S.E. web site:

Susan Grace has contributed to two of the following three recordings compiled by MUSE.

One Land, One Heart
© 1998
Eye of the Hunter
© 2001
Proceeds raised from the sale of this recording support North American wilderness conservation efforts

Musicians include:

Craig Wagner, Magpie, Susan Grace, Dakota Sid Clifford,
Karen Goldberg, David Elias, Alice Di Micele,
John McCutcheon, Lydia Adams Davis,
Peter and Lou Berryman, Joanne Rand,
Dana Lyons, Joyce Rouse, Walkin’ Jim Stoltz,
Libby Roderick, Paul Winter.
Proceeds from this recording support North American wilderness conservation efforts and protection of wolves, bears, mountain lions
and other predatory species

Musicians include:

Paul Winter, Kate Bennett, Jez Lowe, Casey Neill,
Susan Grace, Magpie, Paul Todd, Keith Hammer,
Country Joe McDonald, Katherine Archer,
Dakota Sid Clifford, Paul Todd, Leah Wolfsong,
Larry Long, Walkin’ Jim Stoltz.

Songs for the Earth
                   ....a tribute to Rachel Carson

© 2005


100% of the proceeds from the sale of this CD
support environmental efforts inspired by
the legacy of Rachel Carson

Musicians include:
Pete Seeger, Walkin’ Jim Stoltz, Steve Schuch, Kat Eggleston,
Bill Oliver, Tom Vincent, Betty and the Baby Boomers
Casey Neill, Dean Stevens, Cindy Kallet, Tom Paxton, Magpie
Tish Hinojosa, Gordon Bok, Emma’s Revolution, Bob Zentz
Josh White Jr., And the voice of Rachel Carson

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