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(International) Bittering Units: a standardized measurement for how bitter a beer tastes.

Original Gravity: Amount of sugar in new beer before fermentation turns it into CO2 and alcohol.

Plato: A scale to measure dissolved sugar in a solution: 10 Plato is about 10 gr sugar/100ml H2O.

Alcohol By Weight: How much alcohol, by weight, is in finished beer after sugar conversion.

[Copper Creek Amber Ale from Silver Gulch Brewing Co.]

Copper Creek Amber Ale
A clean, refreshing American-style ale with all the traditional undertones of malty smoothness and spicy hop character.This well-balanced brew is cold filtered and brilliantly clear.

available year round in bottles and draft

24 BUs O.G. 13.9 Plato 4.4% ABW

Fairbanks Lager
An amber colored Vienna-style lager with a distinctive Munich malt character and full body.Noble European hops offset the sweet malty character of this beer, giving a complex flavor and superb drinkability.

available year round in bottles and draft

21 BUs O.G. 13.5 Plato 4.3% ABW
[Faibanks Lager from Silver Gulch Brewing Co.]
[Pick Axe Porter from Silver Gulch Brewing Co.]

Pick Axe Porter
A deep brown/red color, moderately sweet and satisfying ale with a rich malty flavor derived from roasted and aromatic specialty malts, enhanced by the distinctive aroma of Pacific Northwest Cascade hops.Slightly less ‘heavy’ than traditional porter-style ale, Pick Axe Porter is surprisingly refreshing for a beer of its dark color.

available year round in bottles and draft

29 BUs O.G. 13.9 Plato  4.3% ABW

Coldfoot Pilsner Lager
A touch of European tradition comes to Alaska with this pilsner-style lager.Through a special selection of imported malts, blended with premium European Hops, Silver Gulch Pilsner Lager has a smooth, full-bodied taste with a clean finish and a crisp noble hop character.

available year round in bottles and draft

22 BUs O.G. 13.3  Plato 4.5% ABW
[Coldfoot Pilsner Lager from Silver Gulch Brewing Co.]