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"I've been hiding out for a while, photographically, experimenting with light and the digital migration from film, trying to learn some things. This introspection has produced some portraits, some teaching, some prints and a few articles. These experiences are very satisfying. Hopefully, the "education-knowledge-wisdom thing" is working now; the exterior world teaches lessons as new dimensions evolve."
Robert E. Johnson
I have been living on the Gulf Coast of Alaska in Yakutat for over twenty years now. Time passes quickly. This "closest distant place", a speck of remote Alaskan coastline, has proved to be a paradise for me. Photographing Alaska while based on the Yakutat Foreland in a village steeped in Tlingit culture has been a very rewarding experience. I am greatful for the patience and sharing of knowledge that this community has given to me. If you have the good fortune to be one of the approximately 5,000 visitors that Yakutat accommodates each year, please be respectful while visiting this incredible coastal area.

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