Bear Viewing
Harvey Flying Service provides guided brown bear viewing trips to Kodiak and the Katmai Coast. Our Grumman Widgeon can carry four bear viewers along with our bear viewing guide, and we can make arrangements for larger groups.

The trip begins at our office, located at the Kodiak State Airport, where everyone will meet before you climb aboard our airplane. Jo, your bear view guide, will from the moment of takeoff provide a running commentary about Kodiak and the Katmai area. On the way to a bear viewing destination, you will be flying through some of the most stunning scenery in the world. You will see the lush vegetation that has given Kodiak the name "Emerald Isle". Be sure to keep a sharp eye out while flying because there is a good chance that you will spot a variety of wildlife, such as whales, mountain goats, deer, bear and eagles.

After about forty-minutes, Steve, your pilot will land the airplane on the water and taxi to the beach. Once you disembark your bear view will begin. Each bear viewing experience will be different depending upon the location, time of day, weather and tidal conditions. On some bear views we may find bears near the beach, on others we may walk a short distance to a bear viewing area. One thing to always remember while on a bear view tour is that these bears are wild, and we must respect their space and habitat.

You should plan to be on tour for 4 to 4 1/2 hours with at least 2 hours on the ground observing the bears. So charge up those camera batteries, and bring plenty of film and memory cards, because there will be plenty of great pictures you don't want to miss!

Your Bear Guide: Jo Murphy

Jo, has called Kodiak Island her home since she was a small child. While growing up here she has absorbed a wide range of knowledge on the history of the Kodiak Archipelago, the fishing industry, marine life, and the varieties of wildlife, especially the brown bear. This is Jo's tenth year as a bear view guide. Her enthusiasm is evident through all of the insightful knowledge she will share with you. Jo loves to bear view and wants you to have an experience to remember.

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Your Guide: Jo Murphy

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