I've performed a variety of duties outside of my role as Training Coordinator, including:

Providing input for the Chancellor's special task force to improve services to UAF students.

Coordinating the design and testing of PPP software for distribution by DCC to Macintosh and Windows users.

Supervising Training Department students.

Researching and compiling information related to UAF computer labs, software, servers, and other computing resources.

Assisting DCC Help Desk and providing evening and weekend on-call service.

Producing documentation supporting computing software and services offered by DCC.

I have a working knowledge of and/or experience with: Macintosh and Windows operating systems, HTML authoring software, Pagemaker, Microsoft Office, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Pine, Eudora, Lynx, Mosaic, Deskscan, Fetch, PowerPoint, Global Village, WinQVT, NCSA Telnet, Claris Works, Photoshop, and other hardware and software tools.

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