As Training Coordinator for Rasmuson Computing and Communications, I've performed the following tasks:

Coordinated Department of Communications Fall 1996 training schedule for UAF students, staff and faculty. Scheduled instructors and facilities and produced promotional materials.

Provided specialized e-mail training and seminars to targeted units within UAF.

Taught various DCC training seminars, covering such topics as Aurora account information, Eudora e-mail, Netscape Navigator and UAF computing resources.

Provided personalized computer training to staff, faculty and students in the use of graphical and text web browsers, Microsoft Word, Eudora E-Mail, Lynx, Pine, and other commonly used software.

Coordinated non-DCC training seminars for specialized units within UAF.

Acted as host for instructors and guest speakers at DCC seminars.

Worked with DCC staff to identify training needs for UAF campus.

Scheduled specialized training for UAF faculty and staff regarding Windows95 and Novell servers.

Publicized DCC training sessions with both written and on-line materials.

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