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Tune in and boot up this week...And remember it's every Tuesday and 2p.m on KSKA FM 91.1. To call in just dial (907) 273-9444 or feel free to join us in the chat room during the show. This week we had John Rizzo, a San Francisco-based writer and consultant. 

If you missed it, don't worry...just click the link and listen here....He's the author of "Macintosh Windows Integration", published by Morgan Kaufman Publishers. He also crated and is editor of the fab site, MacWindows. Need to integrate Macs and Windows-based systems? John's your man. 

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Last  week's show featured Deborah Shadovitz, author of AppleWorks For Dummies and contributing author of Mac Office 98 Bible. If you missed it, don't worry, you can listen to it here Did you miss other shows? If so, we have some NEW archives for your listening pleasure. They include Protecting Your Privacy Both Online & Off, and The Myth Behind Computer Viruses. 


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