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100+ Mosaic Artists & Studios & Recommended Books
500+ Stained Glass Artists & Studios & Recommended Books
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Forums Useful for Mosaic Work:
Warner-Crivellaro's Glass & Stone Chat
Angel's Silicon Folly Stone & Mosaic Forum
Steven Cole's Stained Glass Stepping Stone Forum (no relation to me!)
Mosaic Matters' Requests page
Ceramic Tile Bulletin Board
Natural-Stone Company's Bulletin Board
Marble Institute of America's Message Center
Stone Industry's Shop Talk
Stone World's Bulletin Board
Garden Accoutrements Bulletin Board
Statuary Place Discussion Forum
Decorative Concrete Forum
InfoTile Forum
NetForum - Messages In Topic: Tile Setting...
The Rockhounds BBS
The Lapidary Journal Bulletin Board
Sinopia's Surface Treatment Forum
Bob Vila's WWWBoard
Other Mosaic Resources:
Mosaic Matters, an excellent on-line magazine
 Paul Bentley's Why everyone...should know about Byzantium
 (A bit of Mosaic Matters' insightful contents) Silicon Folly
Angel's Silicon Folly (includes an excellent stepping stone manual)
The Society of American Mosaic Artists
Mosaic Art's brief "History of Mosaics"
George Fishman's "The Indirect Method of Mosaic"
Mosaic Art Magazine
Next Step's page on how stepping stones are made
Sunshine Glassworks' Diamondcrete page Mountaintop Mosaics
Smallwood Garden's simple "Making Stepping Stones"
Sven Warner's Mountaintop Mosaics (An excellent Italian smalti & tile supplier in Vermont)
Angelo Orsoni, Mosaic Smalti since 1888, Venice, Italy
Fiammenghi, Ravenna, Italy - source for hammer & hardie
Tom Colson's Tiles On The Web - An excellent resource site
Carter Glass Mosaics (supplier of Chinese & Mexican tile in Arizona)
Michele Petno's Wits End Mosaic (supplier of Mosaic Merchantile & more in Florida)
Sonia King's WhateverWerks Mosaic Studio
Butler Enterprises small quantities of mortar ingredients
Mosaic Tile Supply
Oceanside Glasstile
Spectrum Glass' Stones that Rock
Olla Linda [Mexican] Import Gallery's Byzantium Mosaics (supplier in Texas)
Mosaic Mercantile (wholesale only)
 Jerry's Artarama (sells Mosaic Mercantile, but not in on-line catalog)
 Mendels Art Supply: Mosaics (supplier of M.M. & more in San Francisco)
Kolorines: Covering the World with Mosaics
Smashing Tiles
Sandhill Industries - Beautiful glass tiles from recycled glass.
 Contact Terri Raudenbush at 907-451-6508 or Mosaic Art Studio
Mosaic Art Studio, Ravenna Italy (offers one week courses)
Liam & Helen Striker's Faceted Glass(Dalle de Verre)
My Bibliography of Recommended Mosaic Books
Mosaic Mortar Material Matters
Glass, Ceramic & Stone Tile & Stone Inlay & Stone Suppliers
Search the Net, you'll find even more
Other Mosaic Mortar Resources:
Andrew Goss' Concrete + Metal Project (Art & information)
A Glossary of Concrete Terms
The Stamp Store Glossary
Super-Tek's Glossary of Ceramic and Tile Terms
Super-Tek's Consumer Guide to Selecting & Using Ceramic Tile Installation Materials
Concrete: Scientific Principles (highly educational)
High Performance Concrete (A wealth of valuable Gov. info)
High Performance Concrete (more valuable Gov. info)
Portland Cement Association
The World of Concrete's Problem Clinic
Search Architects' First Source for Products Home Page, a division of BuildingOnline Inc.
The Aberdeen Group: Concrete and masonary information services
Concrete Manufacturers Association
Schundler Co: Uses of Perlite & Vermiculite as aggregate
Canadian Building Digest article on superplasticizers
CBD: Durability of Concrete Under Winter Conditions
CBD: Admixtures in Portland Cement Concrete
CBD: Calcium Chloride in Concrete
CBD: Fibre-Reinforced Concrete
CBD: Polymer Modified Concrete
CBD: Volume Change & Creep of Concrete
Union County College Prof J.A.Nathanson's basic concrete lesson
Arizona St Univ Prof Barzin Mobasher's Concrete Materials Lecture Series
South Bank Univ's Concrete Course by Peter Wright

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Glass, Ceramic & Stone Tile & Stone Inlay
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Stained Glass Forums & Resources & Recommended Books
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