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OR 500+ More Stained Glass Artists & Studios

The following list is sorted by URLs, which makes it easier for me and interesting for you. If you want a studio added or link changed, please let me know. I sincerely appreciate folks adding a link back to my site into their list of links.
Saddle Creek Tileworks Studio
Richard Bird's Moonhorn Mosaics
Elizabeth Moore's Mosaic Originals
Helen Beck's Sailor's Valentines And Other Sea Shell Mosaics
Diana Lundin's My Broken Art
Pieces and Prices
Fernando Simões' Art of Mosaic
Lindsay Watt Mosaics
Tina Michael's Mangled Mosaix
INLAY.COM, A public forum on inlay, marquetry, intarsia, and mosaics.
Kuroda Mosaics
Mosaic Artistry by Michael
Mosaic Studio, Saint-Mard, France
Doug Mckee's
Evan Glassman's Studio E
The Alacami Excavation
Wall Mosaics of the Cathedral of Eufrasius at Porec
Seamus Browne's Converting Computer Images to Mosaics
Michael Grant Solomon's Refelctive Art, glass mosaics
Melech Postavsky's Mosaics
Greenoli Glass Art Mosaics
Bob's Mosaics
Jeremy Adams' Mosaic Creations
Dr. B. Maxim's Mosaics
Bottega del Mosaico's Florentine mosaics
Alan Potter, Public Artist
All the Right Angles--Architectural Mosaics and Signs
Amy R. Handford/Cummings's Through The Looking Glass
Studio Dusciana
Mario Navarrete's Florentine Mosaics
Marla Loturco's Creations - Art Glass Fountains
Lori Garrett's Mosaics galore at Artifacts for Isidore
Mosaics by Ferrari & Bacci (awesome!)
Artistry in Mosaics, Inc.
Mosaics by Bobbie Trewhitt
The Association for the Study and Preservation of Roman Mosaics
Attica's Mosaics
Gazzola Tile & Wallcovering Inc.
A. & P. Berti's Artistic Florentine Mosaics in semiprecious stones
Cassandria Blackmore' Studio
Mosaic Artist George Fishman (includes a great tutorial)
Alfonso Filippini & Vittorio Paoletti - Florentine Byzantine Mosaics
Carolyn Parnell's CaroCraft Painted Glass & Mosaic Studio
Artist Massimiliano Lo Iacono
Mosaics from Hadrian's Villa, Rome
Carlos & Jason Cohen's Mosaic Masters
Michelle Freeman's Surface Attraction Mosaics
Bill Fausser's Stained Glass Stepping Stones
Mosaics, From the Catholic Encyclopedia
Stephen Charnock, Architectural Ceramics & Mosaics Silicon Folly
Angel's Silicon Folly (includes an excellent stepping stone manual)
Sherry McCall's Lighten Up! Stone & Tile Mosaics
The Dream Gallery's mosaics
Earthlamp Design Studio (glass, mosaics, wood & more)
Stephen Brailo-Croata's Mosaic Art & Projects
Elysian Holidays' mosaic masterclass course
Judy Wood's Glasswood Studio: animals in mosaics Toby Mason
Toby Mason: Reflective Glass Mosaics
Géza Brunow's Fine Art Factory
Finn's Stained Glass Mosaics
Mike & Jan Schein's Gegenschein Stained Glass Mosaics
Bas Degroot, Visual Artist
Madaba Archaelogical Park
Oceanside Glasstile
Lia Catalano's Hannacrois Mosaics
David Hetland's Studio
Jane Germani's Cracked Pot Creations
Hertfordshire Visual Arts Forum: Sharon Heath
6th century Mosaic of Tyche, Beit Shean
John Bridge Services
Cindy & Bob Kessler Studios Stained Glass & Mosaics
Desmond Kinney's Kinney Design, Large scale Mosaics from Ireland
Walt & Kathryn Schnabel's Stained Glass Mosaics
The London School of Decorative Paintwork: Total Mosaic
Mainly Mosaics
Craig Tockman's Manzella Mosaics
Michele Ward's Garden Pique Assiette
St Andrew's Church mosaics
Jonathan Brown's Modern Mosaics Inc
Marcelo de Melo's Mosaicable
Jeannie Wray's Mosaic Art
Martin Cheek Mosaics
Mosaic Art Glass (glassware)
Santo Navarria's Mosaic Art Work
Aileen May - Mosaic Artist
Ellen Gould & Michael Finley's Mosaic Art Studio
Bruno Zenobio's Mosaici (Mosaic Italia)
Lisa Crumrine's Mosaic Madness: The Syzygy Gallery
Akomena Spazio Mosaico, Ravenna Italy
Marco Bravura, Ravenna Italy (An awesome floating carpet fountain)
Brunetta Zavatti's Shop of Mosaics, Ravenna Italy
Carlo Signorini of Ravenna & Luxembourg
Steven Harp's Floors & Other Mosaics
Sonia King's WhateverWerks Mosaic Studio
Mosaic Workshop, London
Me Mosaique
Mozaic Designs
Mountain Side Craft Center's mosaics
The Mosaic Art of Roy Cruz
Barb Jones Grigg's Off Center Designs Mosaic Artwork
Patrick & Rachel Todoroff's Glass Graphics (fine stepping stones)
OPIOCOLOR, French glass mosaic tiles
Bob Rogers' Ceramic Mosaic Art
Gabriel Cortez's Artstone Gallery
Runaway Technology Gallery: Photomosaics
Stacy Godlesky's Piece By Peace Mosaics
Princeton Univ.'s Classics Art
Pyrrha's (Ann Dicks') Roman Pages
Access-ive Artists Zoe & Steve Terlizzese
RST-ART, Art Studio and Gallery of Rudolf Stalder
Melech Postavsky's Mosaics
Karin Trub's Ceramic Mosaics
Rinascita Virtual Bookshop, Ravenna Italy Mosaic Art Studio
Mosaic Art Studio, Ravenna Italy (offers one week courses)
Sheilagh Fulton's Smashing Times
Vic Jorgensen's Mosaics
Diana Sanchez's Tenderfoot Tile
Hilary Oak's Textural Designs
Equipment of Culture: Stone Mosaic Division
Tiles on the Web
Tunisian Mosaics
Mark & Dimitry Polyakov's Universe of Mosaic Art
Unicorn Art Studio
Silver Bough Designs: Stained Glass, Mosaics & Fine Art
Bonnie Carmody Stained Glass Mosaics
Colorado European Craftsmen
Kitty Wells' mosaics
Lori Kahn Freedman's On the Surface - Mosaic Art
Zee's Stained Glass (Maker of EZee-Stone mortar)
Sarah Millin Mosaics

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