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Cole Soldering The Dancer A few images of
Cole Sonafrank's artwork

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Some lead-free stained glass pieces using the foil method:

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The Dancer The Dancer, 11/97 (16"x20")

GI Logo The Geophysical Institute Logo, 6/99 (31")

Sensual Gladiolusness Sensual Gladiolusness, 5/98 (16"x20")

Mushroom & Cranberries Mushroom & Cranberries, 1997 (9"x13")
Another view

Ffflower Ffflower, 1996 (16"x20")
Another view

One of the many reasons I enjoy creating custom glass art is that it's a great excuse to play with awesome sheets of hand made art glass. I have little interest in plain and simple glass and so rarely use it. My favorites come from Uroboros (samples), Youghiogheny (samples), Kokomo (samples), Lamberts (awesome streakies), Bullseye (samples), Blenko, and Chicago Art Glass.

Another unusual feature of my glass work is that it's lead-free. Originally I used Canfield's pewter solder, but I don't like its dull gray. Despite the expense I switched to Canfield's Silvergleem (a near eutectic alloy of Tin and Silver which melts at 430 degrees Fahrenheit). Finally, I found a wonderful strong, bright ternary eutectic called IA-423 (93.6%Sn, 4.7%Ag, 1.7%Cu) from Johnson Manufacturing which melts (and freezes) at 423 degrees Fahrenheit. They also have a great water soluble paste flux (05-23). Johnson's phone number is 563-289-5123. Working lead-free is a bit more difficult and costly, but I think the personal and environmental health benefits are worthwhile. Check out my Soldering Tips page for some basic pointers that apply to leaded soldering as well as lead-free.

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I've done a lot of different work over the years.
Maybe someday I'll dig out sample photographs of my
jewelry, wood, and metal work and scan them.

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FNSB Assembly There's a bit of politically relevant material on my private internet service provider (Mosquitonet) site, including great poetry & real spaghetti. Also, here's some of what the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly is doing. I'm no longer on the Assembly, but still care.

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