Brave Heart Volunteers partners with many different community organizations to bring you the services we provide. These include:

Center for Community

Southeast Alaska Independant Living (SAIL)

Sitka Pioneers Home

Sitka School District

Sitka Community Hospital's Home Health Department

Swan Lake Senior Center

Brave Heart Volunteers would also like to thank our sponsors for BHV's 2012 Birthday Extravaganza: SITKA SPRUCE CATERING, BARANOF ISLAND BREWING CO., SITKA SOUND SEAFOODS, and the HAMES CORPORATION. A special thank you to MIKE AND IKO, LOS SHOTGUN LOCOS and the GLORIOUS YOUTH PARADE for the comical and musical entertainment. The generous support from theses businesses and local musicians is so special. Brave Heart Volunteers could not exist without the phenomenal support recieved continuously from our community. Thank you Sitka!

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